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"My sales team and I attended two different multi-day training sessions with Shawn Channell of Just Launch Media, and I have to say that we all came away impressed.  Shawn was able to re-frame the concept of sales for today’s B2B buyers and sellers, and helped us to alter our strategy to better fit the game.  And what I really appreciated is that we didn’t just deal in concepts and hypotheticals, Shawn worked with us on real-world examples from the participants, where we together brainstormed ways to implement his strategies.  We now have a new game plan for identifying and going after prospects that are a good fit for us, and I absolutely believe in it.  I definitely recommend Shawn’s services for anyone in need of a “refresh” to their sales strategy"

Rick Antezana | Partner | Dynamic Language 
Immediate Past President | Association of Language Companies

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I'm Shawn, founder of Just Launch.

Over the years I’ve face setbacks, made mistakes, and failed….a lot. Yet each challenge came with a lesson. Those lessons, plus some focus and hard work, have led me to a life of abundance. A life of happiness. A life of success. So I am extremely grateful for the life I have today.

With gratefulness in my heart, I'm dedicated to sharing those lessons with you. You deserve to launch yourself towards abundance, happiness, and success. I want to be there to support, coach, and cheer you on!

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My main goal is to help your business increase production through effective communication and dynamic leadership. Let's find out together how to create a work environment where everyone strives for the same goal.