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When in doubt, SMILE

“Hey, Smiley!”  That was the call each morning as I walked to the bus stop.  Part taunt, part genuine greeting.  The dread, which has started prior to leaving the house, kicked into high gear. What was I in for this morning?  Would they play keep away with my beanie again?  Would there be the small…

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It’s Who I Am

Well, that happened.  That moment all parents hope to avoid.  The moment we tried to avoid when we were in high school, hoping our parents wouldn’t find out.  The moment you hoped to avoid by having conversations, pointing out bad examples, and limiting their exposure to the likes of Snoop Doggy Dogg.  We found out…

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Is Monday Killing Sunday?

How many times have you thought on a Sunday… “Ugh, tomorrow’s Monday.  I’m not ready to go back to work.” And with that thought, or one similar, your Monday just killed your Sunday. It’s something we’ve all done.  I know I have.  At some point of the weekend, perhaps Saturday evening as we lay in…

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