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Failure to Launch

Why do we stall on our journey? Why do we hesitate in the pursuit of our goals? What do we fail to launch ourselves towards our dreams? We explore the answers in this episode. Stop waiting and hit play!

Know Your Limits

Do you know your limits? Are they real or self-imposed?  Are you putting yourself, your capabilities, and your future in a box that you built? Are you putting your limits on those around you? Check out this episode to break through those limits and go where you’ve only dreamed.

Focus on your Focus

You ever find yourself getting caught up on the wrong things?  Frustrated with things that just drive you nuts? Time to switch up your results with this episode.

Just For Fun

When was the last time you just had fun?  Like that spontaneous kid fun? If it’s been a minute you should give this episode a listen.    

Knockin’ Doors

Let me tell you a secret……   Knocking  on doors brings all sorts of stories and lessons.  There’s sex, drugs, and rock n roll in this episode.  Give it a listen.

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