02/24/2020 |

We just got back from the 10X Growth Conference and wanted to share some of the great information we got from some amazing people!

My Gift To You

02/18/2020 |

Do you like gifts? Who doesn’t like gifts? Well, here you go. Enjoy!

F@*k it, Let’s Fight!

02/10/2020 |

Sometimes it’s good to be the bigger person. Sometimes we should walk away. Sometimes we should take a deep breathe and count to ten before we react. Other times, well, other times that’s a different story……..

Playing to NOT Lose

02/03/2020 |

There is a difference between playing to win and playing to not lose. Something I maybe should have recognized sooner……

Promoted to Customer

01/24/2020 |

Ever get let go? Dismissed? Promoted to customer?!? Listen how I got some unexpected news and what’s next!

Starting Over

12/08/2019 |

Sometimes in life we have to hit the reset button and start over….whether it’s in our career, in a relationship, or one of the turning points of life. This episode might just help do that.

Failure to Launch

11/20/2019 |

Why do we stall on our journey? Why do we hesitate in the pursuit of our goals? What do we fail to launch ourselves towards our dreams? We explore the answers in this episode. Stop waiting and hit play!

Know Your Limits

11/10/2019 |

Do you know your limits? Are they real or self-imposed?  Are you putting yourself, your capabilities, and your future in a box that you built? Are you putting your limits on those around you? Check out this episode to break through those limits and go where you’ve only dreamed.

Focus on your Focus

11/04/2019 |

You ever find yourself getting caught up on the wrong things?  Frustrated with things that just drive you nuts? Time to switch up your results with this episode.

Just For Fun

10/21/2019 |

When was the last time you just had fun?  Like that spontaneous kid fun? If it’s been a minute you should give this episode a listen.    


The Just Launch podcast is all about helping you launch towards the best version of you! Each episode share lessons about the challenges and opportunities life throws our way. Together we can learn, laugh, and take that next step towards becoming the person we want to be. Just Launch an episode now!



I came from a small town and a humble background. I’ve face setbacks, made mistakes, and failed….a lot. Each challenge also brought with it a lesson. Those lessons combined with focus and hard work have led me to a life of abundance. A life of happiness. A life of success. That humble background and years of getting smacked around by life certainly aren’t forgotten. So I am extremely grateful for the life I have today. With gratefulness in my heart, I want to share those lessons with you. You deserve to launch yourself towards abundance, happiness, and success. I want to be there to support, help, and cheer you on!



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