Knockin’ Doors

10/15/2019 |

Let me tell you a secret……   Knocking  on doors brings all sorts of stories and lessons.  There’s sex, drugs, and rock n roll in this episode.  Give it a listen.

Don’t Be That Guy

10/06/2019 |

Wondering who that guy is and why you shouldn’t be him?  Better give this episode a listen.

Power of the Pause

10/01/2019 |

I used to have a quick temper.  I used to respond before I knew all the facts.  I used to put my foot in my mouth.  Then I learned a better way.  Want to avoid losing your cool?  Want to come across as more thoughtful?  Want to increase your sales?  If so, check out the…

Fail Forward

09/23/2019 |

Are you stuck?  Do you know what you want to do but can’t get yourself to take that first step?  Is there too much to learn? There is an answer.  This episode will help you get off the sidelines and into the game.

The Herd Theory

09/16/2019 |

We have some animalistic instincts.  We are also taught things from a young age.  Are they the right things?  Listen to the latest episode and make a decision for yourself.

You & Me are Asses

09/10/2019 |

You know what happens when you assume?  It’s time to stop acting like donkeys and change how we communicate.

It’s Not Fair

09/02/2019 |

In today’s world, there are many things that aren’t fair.  It’s easy to get focused on what’s fair and what’s not. If you find yourself focused on this or know someone who is then check out this episode. Then leave us a review and share this episode.

Who, What, When, Where, & WHY

08/27/2019 |

You know you want to be successful but have you determined what that looks like to you?  Or how you’ll get there?  Or why. you even care?  For a little guidance listen to our latest episode. Please leave us a review to let us know your thoughts on this episode.

Wasted Days

08/18/2019 |

Every feel like you didn’t accomplish anything in your day even though you were busy?  Ever feel like you’ve wasted your day?  Or do you simply want to have more productive and meaningful days?  This episode will show you how.

Its Not You, Its Me

08/11/2019 |

Struggling to make sales?  Looking to build better relationships?  Ever wonder why everyone around you just doesn’t get it? Do you want to be a better communicator? THIS is your episode.


The Just Launch podcast is all about helping you launch towards the best version of you! Each episode share lessons about the challenges and opportunities life throws our way. Together we can learn, laugh, and take that next step towards becoming the person we want to be. Just Launch an episode now!



I came from a small town and a humble background. I’ve face setbacks, made mistakes, and failed….a lot. Each challenge also brought with it a lesson. Those lessons combined with focus and hard work have led me to a life of abundance. A life of happiness. A life of success. That humble background and years of getting smacked around by life certainly aren’t forgotten. So I am extremely grateful for the life I have today. With gratefulness in my heart, I want to share those lessons with you. You deserve to launch yourself towards abundance, happiness, and success. I want to be there to support, help, and cheer you on!



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