Working Hard or Hardly Working

05/27/2019 |

We’ve all struggled with pushing ourselves to work harder but if we want next level results we have to have next level work ethic.

Comfort Kills

05/20/2019 |

We all want to lead a comfortable life but is it really your best option?  Listen and decide for yourself.

Commencement? – Commence with this

05/13/2019 |

Graduating High School or College?  Know someone who is?  Give this a listen.

The Beauty of “No”

05/06/2019 |

Hate hearing the word No?  This is the podcast for you.

Looking in the mirror

04/29/2019 |

Have you ever struggled with you see when you look in the mirror?  If so, this episode is for you.

Why Just Launch?

04/27/2019 |

We’ve been asked why we are doing the Just Launch Podcast… is the answer.

Down and Out…Almost

04/26/2019 |

Have you gotten to the point in life where you barely want to get out of bed, let alone leave the house?  I have.  Here is how you can come back from that place.

Bad Days

04/25/2019 |

Ever had a bad day?  If so, give this a listen.


The Just Launch podcast is all about helping you launch towards the best version of you! Each episode share lessons about the challenges and opportunities life throws our way. Together we can learn, laugh, and take that next step towards becoming the person we want to be. Just Launch an episode now!



I came from a small town and a humble background. I’ve face setbacks, made mistakes, and failed….a lot. Each challenge also brought with it a lesson. Those lessons combined with focus and hard work have led me to a life of abundance. A life of happiness. A life of success. That humble background and years of getting smacked around by life certainly aren’t forgotten. So I am extremely grateful for the life I have today. With gratefulness in my heart, I want to share those lessons with you. You deserve to launch yourself towards abundance, happiness, and success. I want to be there to support, help, and cheer you on!



  • Publishes: every Monday
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  • Desired commitment: minimum 4 episodes
  • Included brand pieces: inclusion in email marketing, 2 x social posts per episode
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