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Whether you're a small business owner looking to build a sales team, in need of sales training that's built for today's B2B world, or want sales coaching to maximize your results we can get you to the next level with one of our comprehensive programs.


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"My sales team and I attended two different multi-day training sessions with Shawn Channell of Just Launch Media, and I have to say that we all came away impressed.  Shawn was able to re-frame the concept of sales for today’s B2B buyers and sellers and helped us to alter our strategy to better fit the game.  And what I really appreciated is that we didn’t just deal in concepts and hypotheticals, Shawn worked with us on real-world examples from the participants, where we together brainstormed ways to implement his strategies.  We now have a new game plan for identifying and going after prospects that are a good fit for us, and I absolutely believe in it.  I definitely recommend Shawn’s services for anyone in need of a refresh to their sales strategy." Rick Antezana, CEO, Dynamic Language

"The sales training by Shawn was a great experience that brought insight from the perspective of a true sales professional. Shawn's stories and role-plays provide great insight as to how to overcome the challenges we all face when prospecting for new sales and growing relationships."Raul Ramos, CEO, Azimuth Group, LLC

"Shawn brings a "real talk" mentality into his trainings that resounds with people and allows most anyone to feel as if they can get great results with his methods. I'm looking forward to continuing having great results with these new skills and anticipate gaining more skills from the future courses.”Martanda Everson, Account Executive

Shawn has been a vital element to my development and success. His capacity to story-tell lends to his talent of explaining complex concepts in a compelling, digestible manner that can capture a diverse audience. Shawn has an energy and excitement about him that naturally draws an eager following.”Brittany Ulrich, Digital Marketing Manager, iMovR


   Hi, I'm Shawn, founder of Just Launch.

Over the past 15 years I've worked with thousands of individuals to find their success in sales. I've given new salespeople the tools to build six-figure careers.  I've helped sales leaders launch their careers and become the best leaders in their industries. I've partnered with companies to build sales organizations from the ground up.

Making a lot of money in sales isn't easy. I know. I spent 8 years learning what doesn't work before I cracked the code. Once I did, the commission checks kept getting bigger and bigger.

As a new sales leader I didn't lead. I didn't coach. I couldn't train. I failed my sales team and I watched them struggle as a result. As I found my stride, so did they.

Most sales trainings and coaching programs are developed by naturally talented salespeople. That can make those programs less effective for us who aren't born into sales.

Our programs are built for those who have never sold. They are developed for those who have never gotten to lead a team. They were designed for those who have never launched a sales organization.

That first sales job out of college.

A change in careers.

An exciting promotion you've haven't been prepared for.

The small business owner looking to grow.

This is who we help because this is who we were.

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to. Let me share those lessons with you. Let me show you how to have the success you deserve.

Let's partner together to launch your sales.

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