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How you communicate matters.

Stop missing opportunities in your professional and personal life by not having the strategic communication skills to get what you deserve.

You can become a master at communication. 


Two ways we can master communication together.......

Become a Great Communicator

Online Course

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Our online course is self-paced digital course that teaches you how dramatically improve your communication skills. You will learn how to make lasting impressions, create a buzz, drive conversations, and the most powerful word in any conversation. You will see immediate impacts on your professional and personal relationships to help you ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS with LESS FRUSTRATION and FASTER RESULTS.


Strategic Communication

Sales Coaching


Our Strategic Communication sales coaching program gives you the one on one attention to launch your sales career to the next level. From prospecting for new clients or improving your relationships in existing accounts we give you strategies you can put into ACTION IMMEDIATELY. This isn't high level theory you'll have to figure out how to implement. We give you WHAT TO SAY andHOW TO SAY IT for emails, overcoming objections, proving your value, and closing sales. 

What Our Student Say About Our Strategic Communication Program

"Shawn is one of the most knowledgeable salespeople that I have ever met. When he trained me, I was brand new to B2B sales, and the knowledge and wisdom that he imparted has helped me to become a top salesperson at the companies I have worked for. Shawn is inspiring when he teaches and challenges the status quo of "what salespeople should be". Shawn is an incredible relationship builder and someone that I would easily go to for advice."Andrew Ravelo, Market Manager, Randstad USA

“Shawn's stories and role-plays provide great insight as to how to overcome the challenges we all face when prospecting for new sales and growing relationships.”

"Shawn has been training me to join the new sales department of the company I work for, and I can say that I have really enjoyed my time with him! He is a coach that motivates you but at the same time pushes you to give your best... I also like listening to his podcasts as a complement to my training."Diana Hurtado, Staffing Manager, Spanish ASAP

“I feel that I received insightful and cutting-edge Information at the workshop as it gave me the capability to build from previous knowledge and make it better.”

"The training allowed for interaction and customization to the attendees' businesses. The information was very helpful and immediately applicable for each company, even though there were diverse industries represented." - Barbara Ohno, Ohno Construction Company

“I appreciated Shawn’s ‘out of the box’ approaches to addressing sales difficulties from the simple to the complex.”