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$100 MILLION in New Business for our Clients

This is our Goal.

How much of that $100 Million will be YOURS?



Growing your business is our business.

Whether helping you establish your first sales team, scaling your sales organization, or training existing salespeople to close more business, WE HELP YOU GROW.

As a small business owner, you can't scale and be the primary salesperson. In fact, most of our clients didn't get into business themselves to be salespeople at all. Yet, someone has to sell. Someone has to find new clients. Someone has to maintain your existing relationships.

Building a sales organization isn't as easy as hiring a salesperson or two. Unfortunately, too many small businesses do exactly that. Then they struggle with growing existing clients and adding new ones. The owners spend their time hiring, training, and putting out fires. Ultimately, the salespeople leave and the cycle starts again......

Sound familiar?

Just Launch helps you launch a sales team that is successful and scaleable. We provide the experience, structure, and training to grow your business and help it keep growing.

We partner with you to:

  • Hire the right people
  • Onboard and train your salespeople with a proven sales methodology
  • Create the Sales Process, Daily Sales Cadence, and KPIs
  • Implement and maximize CRM utilization
  • Define an Account Management strategy
  • Execute Strategic Leadership Best Practices

With over 15 years experience building, training, and developing sales teams and sales organizations we can provide you with the tools to break your current cycle and scale your business. Stop wasting time and money hiring salespeople that don't produce results and don't stick around. Let us help you build a team that is motivated, executes, and SELLS!


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What Others are Saying

"I participated in Just Launch Training and Consulting’s Strategic Communication sales training module. I found it to be an effective approach that complimented my sales and communication style. It provided our team with the necessary tools for a practical technique to communicate in a consultative manner. Strategic Communication guides you towards the conversation which defines the value that benefits both the Customer and Sales Organization. I highly recommend you explore Just Launch Training and Consulting as a partner in your growth journey."

Fernando Martinez

President and CEO

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How we communicate with ourselves impacts our confidence and self image. How we communicate with others impacts our relationships, careers, and children. Communication impacts how we learn, perceive the world, and the quality of our lives. Just Launch is dedicated to improving communication in all aspects of our lives. Go beyond sales and leadership and join us on our mission.

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